MUSIC: BLACK MAGIC by Oluwa Benny drops on Monday, 2nd October

Ebenezer Wagoha A.K.A Oluwa Benny makes a grandé entry into the Nigerian music scene with his debut single titled: BLACK MAGIC.

BLACK MAGIC is said to be released on Monday, 2nd October, 2017, so, #Anticipate

A fan of the artiste proclaimed thus: "The new single by Oluwa Benny is gonna be the hit and talk of the town, wait for it!"

Oluwa Benny is a Nigerian(Rivers state born) afro pop artiste based in Port Harcourt. Currently a student of the Rivers State University, his passion for excellence has led him to great feats in academics and of course most recently, his music.

When asked: Why music? He didn't hesitate to say : "I go for music because I'm naturally grinded into music and it gives me joy".

Oluwa Benny is new, strong, energetic and has what it takes to turn the Nigerian music industry around.

Watch out for this great talent!

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Instagram: @oluwabenny


Og Bae said…
Thumps up ......bro

Siarah brix said…
Thumbs up 👍 bro, we are behind you, anytime, any day
Siarah brix said…
Thumbs up 👍 bro, we are behind you, anytime, any day
No1 fan🙋....can't wait to hear it.
prince Silas said…
it's a hit.... keep up d �� bro...... nice 1 #Godisgood.
Samuel Elechi said…
Cool jam bro ... D top is all i wish u ... 1love ...OluwaBennyOSHEY

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