Uploading your music online just got a lot easier

NotJustOK ; Nigeria's number 1 music website has
launched a new music sharing community for the
music industry.

On this new platform, artists can upload songs to share
with friends, fans, and followers and also link up with
iTunes so that listeners can purchase their music.
So, if you've been frustrated because your content have
not made it onto Notjustok.com, this is an opportunity
for you to let music lovers discover your creative with
ease on a platform that will foster the sharing, listening
and monetizing of your music online.
MyNotJustOK promises to enforce that everyone who
uploads content has the right to do so and if any
Copyright is being infringed upon by any user, the track
will be taken down once the owner of the audio track
submits all necessary evidence that they own the song
or audio. The web application also boasts of very personalized
experiences for each user. Users can search the site
for songs to listen to online. Users can download
Nigerian music from the site provided the user that
uploaded it enabled the "download" option. Users can
follow and be followed.
When you follow someone, you will see every song that
they upload appear in your Home page after logging on.
Your homepage will show only songs uploaded from
people you are following as soon as they upload. Also,
you will see their reposts, likes of every song and
playlist. When someone follows you they get to see every song
you upload as soon as you upload them. They will also
see every song and playlist that you like and repost.
When you see a song that you like, you can repost it to
share it with all people following you.
Fans can also post comments, create their own
personal playlists and have conversations with the
MyNotjustok community on topics that they care about
via the NotJustOK Forums.
Also lookout for the Notjustok iOS and Android Apps set
to launch shortly.



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