You can study any course of your choice

I believe most of my readers are still you young enough to avoid the consequences of not following your passion. Of studying courses you are not enthusiastic
about, a course you would rather not study. As a young person, growing up and deciding what to do with your life, the choice of course to study in the
University will ultimately affect what you will be doing in life, who you will be and the fulfillment you will have. Do not let anything cause you to make the mistake of
being stuck in a place you have no heart for.
You may live to regret it. The truth is that each of us including you have a purpose in life. This is the reason why God created you. Who God want you to be in life and what he wants you to do with your life. Each of our purposes are unique. It is not based on your background or your parents background or which school you attended.
Purpose is inherent in you irrespective of your past history. The Good thing about purpose is that you before you were ever born, God had put in you, all the abilities and talents that is required to make you what he wants you to be. Your duty is to discover who you are and develop it so you can manifest your potentials to the fullest. How to really discover your purpose is the subject of another post, but for the purpose of this topic, I will say one very critical thing. " if you follow you passion, you will not miss your purpose" if you cannot figure out what your purpose is, follow your God given passion.
There is a very strong link between your passion in life and your purpose. Your passions are what you Naturally love doing, what you are very good at better than others, what people praise you and come to you for. What you do with your spare time. Who you truly desire to be. Just ask yourself these questions. Get to know your

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