Awesome Opportunities with deRoniK®

Enjoy constant entrepreneurial
training especially on several types of skills in
production which includes: Air freshener, Body perfume/
body spray, Germicide (Izal), Antiseptic (Dettol), Liquid
Soap (instant method), Liquid Soap (Soak method),
Tablet/Bar Soap, Stain Remove (Bleach), Toilet Wash,
Car wash, Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner, Petroleum
Jelly (Vaseline), Body Cream, Hair Cream, Medicated
anti dandruff Hair Cream, Insecticide, Custard, Dustin
Powder, White Powder, Chocolate Ice Cream, Banana
Ice Cream, Best Ice Cream, After shave, Paint Making,
Bead making, Hat making, Biscuit production etc when you become a member/partner with Meridian Life Support Foundation.

*There is also an MLM part. All goes for 4,000 NGN

Enquiries/Registration: 08132718024 (Whatsapp)

©2016 deRoniK_NG in Partnership with Meridian Life Support


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