MOBIDOC Launches Mobile App

MOBIDOC Launches Mobile App for Consulting
It is a common knowledge that the Doctor-
patient ratio in Nigeria is abysmally poor
accounting for steadily increasing morbidity
and mortality cases with a rather unfortunate
resultant effect of poor health-seeking
behavior. Consequently, Nigerians irrespective
of status indulge in self-help, self-medications
more often than not causing more harm than

With over 67% Nigerians having mobile phones
and Internet coverage of 38%, it’s only apt to
latch onto the boundless opportunities in
Information Communication Technology for
improving the health-seeking behavior and
health care service to teeming Nigerians.
An idea conceived by Hamid Adediran, a
Medical Doctor, Communications Consultant
and Broadcaster, MOBIDOC will bridge the gap
between Doctors and patients with health
concerns. This Mobile App which is to be
launched soon will reduce patient-waiting time,
prevent overcrowding at health facility, allow
better interaction between Doctor and Patient
and very interestingly, protect the privacy of
the patient.
Asked what inspired him to start up this
ingenious product, the MEDICASTERshared
some moments where friends and family
consult him over the new media seeking his
advice/opinion on their health challenges. With
this App, this opportunity will be available to
everyone who has access to basic Internet
On affordability, the University of Ibadan
graduate assured that the service will not tear
the pockets of users, stating that this service
will basically require the cost of data by the
Internet service providers on individual devices
being used.
Dr Adediran, the founder/initiator of this online,
real time, health-focused mobile application
affirmed that MOBIDOC is for all sundry, it runs
on Android, iOS and Windows platform. It’s also
available in both mobile and desktop web
options. With its 24-hour, 7-days a week
coverage, the title MOBIDOC247 is just
appropriate. “We are set to launch a revolution
in the Nigerian health sector. We are dedicated
to a world where seeking a Doctor’s opinion
will be boundless, limitless. A new Nigeria
beckons, the health sector isn’t left behind,
MOBIDOC is here” he said.

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