1. Set Clear Goals
Start your social media journey by defining the final
destination. What would you like to achieve with your
efforts? Would you like to increase the traffic to your
website or focus on lead generation? Would you like
to consider social media as the hub for your customer service or a place to build brand
awareness? Just like with any other part of the
marketing mix – the clearer and more measurable
the goals you set, the higher the chances are to
achieve them.

2. Define your Audience and Channels
Social media gives you wonderful opportunities to
research your audience and competitors and make
informed strategic decisions. What is your target
group? What are they talking about and where do their conversations take place? Spend some time analyzing your audience, as this will help you choosing the right social channels for your strategy. Also it can help you identify your community’s behavior and interests but not least, to set the right tone for your brand so it is aligned with your corporate identity.
Make use of listening tools that can do the keyword
analysis for you and save your time on the research.
You should also monitor your competitors’ behavior
on the social channels, try to learn from it and find
your unique sweet spot.

3. Build an integrated Content Plan
Now that you know what your audience is interested
in, it is time to brainstorm the main topics and the
overall tone for your community. Engaging content is
the key to your fans’ hearts! What value are you going to provide to your audience? How often will you initiate conversations?
Organize your ideas into a structured plan and define
a set of categories for your content, but also leave
some room for creativity and sudden ideas. Also
make sure to clarify what the role of social media is
in the full spectrum of your marketing mix and that it
is aligned with your overall brand messages. The
usage of content planners and calendars can help you structure your future activities in the best manner for your team.

4. Identify the Right Tools, Resources and Budget
The next step for you should be to allocate the right
resources in order to achieve your goals. Are you
going to build an in-house team of specialists or work with an agency?
There are many ways you can organize the roles in a
social media team across your organization. Normally a team should involve specialists like a content creator, community manager, moderator, advertiser and insights analyst.
Another thing to consider is the budget. How much
would you invest in your social media community? Is
advertising a part of your priorities? Most of the
social platforms are free of charge for businesses,
but as with any other activities – you need to invest
time and money in your social media presence in
order to develop a community and achieve your

Boosting your presence on social media through
advertising proves to bring very good Return On
Investment, therefore we advise you not to neglect it
when planning your budget.
Use the right tools
Last but not least, consider using special tools in
order to efficiently manage your social media
presence and collaborate with your community as
well as within your team. The right set of software
tools can save you a lot of time and money and help
you generate success on social media.
Your strategy is your roadmap which guides you
along the social media journey. Spend some time on
planning it, and you will get better results in the long

Copied from Komfo.com


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