Rachael Waddle of RW Hair Extensions, a salon owner who has found every benefit of the weave, clears up some common misconceptions about the weave form of hair extensions, explaining why they’re a client’s dream and lucrative option for stylists.

1. They are uncomfortable.
Without the confines of glue, clips, tape or bonds,
the weave has less of a painful pull to natural
hair. The weave is implemented by creating a
braid in the middle section of the hair, which the
weave is then sewn into, so that it has no actual
attachment to the natural hair itself.

2. They are damaging to the hair.
The braid seamlessly holds up the weight of the
weave without causing stress to the hair follicle,
Rachael explains.

3. They take a long time to implement.
According to Rachael, most clients vary between
1 and 2 rows, which only takes between 30 to 60
minutes to do.

4. They are bad quality.
Quality, real-hair extensions are long lasting and
time efficient to maintain.

5. They are painful to remove.
Due to the simple nature of the implementation,
the attachment is also easy to undo.

6. They can be used just once.
The weaves are actually re-usable, making them
the ideal accessory to put on for your client’s
next big event. “Another great thing about the
weave is when you want to take it out you can
keep the hair and it is reusable to either sew
onto clips or you can keep it for special
occasions and have it sewn in for something
different,” Rachael shared.

7. They look fake.
With good quality extensions, seamless
implementation and perfect colour matching, hair
weaves can look like the client’s new natural
style. Rachael ensures a thorough consultation
before commencing service, leveraging 12 years
of industry experience to elect a tone and
texture that will feel like it was yours all along.

8. They aren’t applicable to many clients.
Weaves don’t just have to be worn to add length,
clients can utilise them to add thickness, colour
or just a quick change to their usual
style. Whatever the clients’ needs, Rachael
listens before carefully selecting the perfect
weave for each individual lifestyle and home-hair
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