He Was Denied A Job By Facebook In 2009, In 2014 He sold His Company To Facebook For $21.8billion!

A lot can happen in few years. You can go from the
vice president of engineering for Yahoo, to a guy
looking for a job at Facebook, to a startup founder, to a guy that sold that startup to Facebook for a jaw-
dropping $19 billion.
And that’s exactly what happened to WhatsApp co-
founder Brian Acton. In 2009 he applied for a job at
Facebook and was rejected. Here’s his sad-but hopeful tweet.

Meet Brian Action. In 2009, he applied for a job in both Facebook and Twitter and was turned down by both companies. 5 years later, Facebook bought his company, Whatsapp, for $21.8billion. The year 2016 is not over yet, don’t let rejection keep you down this year. As a matter of fact, rejection is a
big part of becoming successful. Keep working hard at your dream and let every “setback” generate in you a new level of passion and zeal to make it. Like Brian, we all can win if we don’t quit or let rejection destroy our passion and dream. Be sure to send out a tweet when you accomplish that amazing dream like Brian did. Your rejectors and supporters would not mind reading and re-tweeting it. God speed!


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