Health Tip: Why should I eat Cucumber?

•Cucumbers are made up of 95 percent water,
making them an ideal hydrating and cooling
•Cucumbers contain an anti-inflammatory
flavonol called fisetin that appears to play an
important role in your brain health
•Cucumbers also contain polyphenols called
lignans, which may help to lower your risk of
breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancers
•Cucumber extract helps reduce unwanted
inflammation, in part by inhibiting the activity
of pro-inflammatory enzymes (including
cyclo-oxygenase 2, or COX-2)
•Cucumbers are low in calories and high in
fiber, which makes them useful for both
weight loss and digestive health
Cucumbers belong to the same plant family as
squash, pumpkin, and watermelon (the Cucurbitaceae family). Like watermelon, cucumbers
are made up of mostly (95 percent) water, which
means eating them on a hot summer day can help
you stay hydrated.
However, there's reason to eat cucumbers all year
long. With vitamin K, B vitamins, copper, potassium,
vitamin C, and manganese, cucumbers can help you
to avoid nutrient deficiencies that are widespread
among those eating a typical American diet.
Plus, cucumbers contain unique polyphenols and
other compounds that may help reduce your risk of
chronic diseases and much, much more.

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