Reaching new clients with strategic marketing Pt. 1

Building a business can be a lonely endeavour.
But marketing one doesn’t have to be.
Co-marketing is about sharing audiences and resources between two complementary brands to execute a campaign that neither one could do as effectively alone.
These strategic partnerships can benefit big
businesses and new startups alike, sharing what
they have instead of building from scratch to get
more exposure for each of their products or services.
The benefits of co-marketing include:
•Being more cost-effective by pooling together resources like marketing budgets and talent.
•Sharing audiences of similar people who are already qualified as potential customers.
•Creating and fostering a positive long-term relationship between brands as they help each other out.
•Delighting customers with free stuff,
giveaways and co-branded products.

Co-marketing campaigns will take on different
forms for B2B vs. B2C brands, for products vs.
services, for new startups vs. established brands.
However, with a little creativity, you can connect
the dots between you and a partner brand to expand the impact of both of your marketing efforts.

To be continued...


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