deRoniK Trends needs writers — prior writing experience not required


deRoniK Trends is in the process of becoming the hub for all news related to deRoniK Nigeria. Our blog allows us to offer more content with better organization. Our blog traffic has increased significantly without any paid advertising. The next step in our development is to begin offering original content.
If you have a passion for writing, research and journalism, alternative news in general, from Fashion, economics, politics, entertainment, food, health, lifestyle e.t.c  you may be a good candidate for a volunteer writing position at deRoniK Trends.
We need original content exclusive to deRoniK Trends. If you are willing to write articles on any number of topics and not post them anywhere else, then please email editor at .
Please provide links to prior articles you’ve written. If you’ve never published anything you’ve written, please write an article you would like to have published and we will review it and let you know if
we would like to publish it and any future articles of yours.
If granted a regular writing position, we will feature your profile picture (optional), brief bio (optional), link
to your own website (if applicable), forum handle (if applicable) and include links to all of the articles you’ve written for deRoniK Trends.
Enquiries: +2347012431021, +2348132718024(Whatsapp)

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