Givers Forum bounces back (Bigger and better)

News making the rounds is that the popular donation platform, Givers Forum has crashed. This information came as a result of the fact that users started having issues accessing their Private Office (PO). This left a lot of users worried and indeed devastated but news reaching us today, states that the platform is up and running. The site was not available for a few days as the site administrators were working tirelessly to upgrade the platforms security system.

The site administrator send a message to the PO of the participants today thus:
It's a great honour to have you on this platform as we welcome you to the dawn of a new era. Givers Forum exists because you exist, it is therefore our utmost desire to always put a smile on your face.
Henceforth, important messages shall be passed unto the community via this channel so we encourage you to make it a habit opening your folder every now and then.
Your great community is gradually recovering from the sever attacks from those who are already afraid of what's about to come in the future, however, your determination will win the battle on the long run. If you PHed and GHed recently and have not been matched, just be patient, it's being done in batches and will definitely soon get to your turn. The support system will soon be launched to make response to complaints faster and more effective.
Please be calm in the face of adversity and let us enjoy this beautiful ride together, things can only be better.
Keep Giving, Keep Growing and Keep being the answer your generation needs.
God bless us all.
Team Admin
Users can now log in at
For support email

How to Create Givers Forum Account
To create an account and begin to earn cool cash at Nigeria, then
visit the official registration page at
When the page opens, fill the registration form carefully then click on submit to
create your givers forum account. Make sure you entered all the details correctly before proceeding to submit page.
N/B: New users can also visit the website above to join and use as referral email.
Givers Forum Login – How to Login to your Givers Forum Account
If you have successfully registered at the website, the next thing to do is to do
Givers Forum Login via Givers Forum office at . Once the
page opens, put your email address and password you choose during your
registration carefully then click on log in.
The system will direct you back to your personal office where you will have to
provide help so as to get help of your money and the 40% growth.
If you have any givers forum Login problem, then drop a comment on this page and

Source: Ronald Kenneth (GiversForum Guardian)

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