Tasting tear drops (part 1)

Tomorrow, it'd be second August again and Mary will go out to China town. She'd buy herself some beautiful Chinese lanterns and all sorts of decor she can remember. Each year, they become less because of her amnesia. Then she'd stop by her favourite Chinese restaurant and buy everyone sushi. Dad will help take out everything in the garage and she'll set up her decorations, it had become some kind of ritual, one that only both of them understood. She'd set up dinner table for two and she'd place two seats.
When the clock strikes nine in the night and the star lights are in place, for some bizarre reason, there are always star lights in the sky on the second of August. Its as if even God understands that the night lights are important to her.
She'd dress up in a beautiful dinner gown and come downstairs, and dad as always, will take her by the hand and walk her to the front door. Once she was outside, she'd hug an imaginary figure and point to the sky...
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