Tasting tear drops (part 2)

Continued from  part 1 

Then one day she met Tom and they became friends. He was a junior and normally such friendships were short-lived because people begin to say things and you tend to think they are right. But not them, Tom didn't seem to care about what people said, and she didn't have friends so no one said anything to her. Tom was working wonders so we welcomed him into our family with open arms...dad absolutely adored him and so did I.
Their friendship blossomed into something beautiful and every weekend they ate at a particular Chinese restaurant. Tom bought her flowers every time he came to visit and soon they started talking about the future, I was thrilled and inspired, my depressed sister had finally found her Prince charming, and their love had finally transformed into something beautiful, oh, the power of love. They both graduated from college and began dating, she quickly found a job and so did he. Marriage talks were on everyone's mind and finally it did happen.

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