TSTV (New cable TV) sets to launch in Nigeria on October 1st

For the first time in Nigeria, an indigenous television will be launching with amazing package and features that will no doubt bring the entertainment home with a bang.

TSTV stands for “Telcom Satelite TV”, it’s a Pay-As-You-Consume TV provider in Nigeria, operated by ABS and Telcom Satellites TV.
TSTV is a DTH pay TV that offers a rich blend of local and international channels and packages for your Entertainment, News, Sports, Kids, Health etc. and will be distributed on the ABS 3A Africa beam, located at 3 degrees west.

The technology is the HBB TV tech, HBB is a combination of satellite and internet service for TV service, TSTV will run on 4.5g network every subscriber will get 20gig of data for 3k monthly, the data can also be used for video calls and wifi.

Features of TSTV

TSTV will be launching on October 1 with

• 100 channels (including 12 sports channels for all the football leagues we want to follow)

• The decoder also has a hotspot of 20Gb and video call conferencing with a camera.

• The TSTV decoder will have 50 gb hard disk to record TV programs and a pause/play function.

• It is the first Nigerian TV to launch a Pay as you use so you can pause your subscription whenever you are traveling.

• It is just N5000 for the decoder and dish and subscription prices are N200, N500, N1000, N1500 and N3000 respectively.

Visit  www.tstvafrica.com for more details


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