Emerging Political Leaders Summit 2017

1. Nigeria has remained a country of enormous potentials for several decades. The consensus among local and international leaders of thought is that Africa’s most populous country and largest economy ought to have performed much better in terms of human development and economic indices.

2. Leadership failure is largely at the heart of the current woes bedeviling Nigeria, with little being done to build a new crop of leaders, the nation seems fixated. The citizens have come to have very low expectations of their leaders.

3. There is a need to raise the bar of engagement about Nigeria and find effective solutions to her challenges across board. There is also a need to properly situate the country, within the context of her past and present, to fashion out a more desirable future for the citizenry to enable the nation take her place of pride in Africa and the world.

Register Now at www.eplsummit.ng or Call 08032266543 for partnership and sponsorship.


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