Rule Your World Conference 2018 is a yearly strategic leadership, nation building, socio-economic and societal re-engineering conference organized by the Purpose Driven Nation Builders with the aim to raise and prepare a new breed of young servant leaders whose passion is geared towards making great difference in the society. Young people who are determined to lead change, set the pace for national transformation and leave a legacy for strong and developed Nigeria. This project is on a mission to raise 7 MILLION Young Servant Leaders on or before 2025.
Our target participants for this year’s conference are youths from ages of 16-40 years, from both the secondary and tertiary institutions in Niger Delta. This edition will accommodate only one thousand participants from various schools and works of life .

The program being first of its kind will employ content approach. At the end of the conference, 200 participants (Youths) in this year’s edition will join for free our Agriculture and IT Skills Entrepreneurship programme that will feature intensive training in Fish Farming, Snail farming, horticulture, Mushroom Farming, Agro Product Exportation, Rice farming, Processing and Packaging of Agro Products (Yam Flour, Ginger/Garlic, Crayfish, Plantain) with practicals and in IT: Online Digital Financial Opportunities, Job Opportunity in the Digital Space, Introduction to Online Advertising, Building an Online Presence.
These programme is design to tackle the challenge of Joblessness and poverty amongst the youth.

Criteria to get the Skills:

> Attend the Conference:

Date: 23rd June 2018

Venue: Orowurokwo Multi-Purpose Hall, behind St.Johns Bus Stop, Aba Road, Port Harcourt

Time: 9:30am

Skill Training Starts

Date: 25th-27th June 2018

Venue: Orowurokwo Multi-Purpose Hall, behind St.Johns Bus Stop, Aba Road, Port Harcourt

Time: 10am daily.

Participate call send: Reserve my seat to: 08069497924, 09098206810.


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